Two wooden adirondack chairs on a boat dock on a beautiful lake in the evening

You might have been wondering, “Where are Julie’s blog posts?”  Let’s just say I mentally have been at the lake.  Sitting on the dock saying…”ahh”.

See I have been living out my dream job for the past 17 months and loving it.  Although, while I ramp up it take a lot of mental energy and a few nights of study.  Therefore as I had given all I had and lived each day to the fullest.  My brain demanded stillness each weekend.

Despite the desire for stillness,  I only let my body be still and I mentally munched on a cool tool called Netflix.  I don’t know if you have cable TV or Netflix or some other method to have mind numbing entertainment, but Netflix has been my go to place.

Last weekend I signed up for a women’s retreat and it was exactly that, a retreat.  It doesn’t even matter the theme of the event.  It doesn’t matter the activities.  It was simply a retreat.  And it was a retreat that I heard the Lord sing to me Nora Jones “Come Away with Me” song.

If you have been out there driving after your destiny, remember that there are times when you need to listen to the invitation to “Come Away with Me.”  Turn off the noise and just be still physically and mentally.