Is Life Random or Can I Affect It?

Does life seems random?

Not really.  It is like sitting down to a game of Spades with friends.  There is someone at the table that is on your team.  There are two others at the table that you want to crush.  Hmm that is an interesting thought…more oppose than support you.  Another blog.  The people at the table have a totally different hand than you and you never get to see what is in their hand.  You never know where they are at in the game.  They may bluff and make you to believe differently, but in the end you don’t know.  So in that part of life it is partly random.  The cool thing is though, every time a card is laid down to play or a bet is placed to raise the stakes, the different players can affect the others world.  They shift the situation with every response they make.  As much as we want to be in total control of our world we do not.


When it is your turn to play your hand you get to pick how you will play.  You get to respond in the best way that will affect you and your team.  Your decisions and responses affect the table.

So how does this relate to life?

  • What you do affects others
  • You can’t control everything in life
  • Play to win
  • You can’t coast
  • Pay attention.  Stuff is at stake. It isn’t all fun and games.
  • When it is your turn, evaluate the environment to make the best response.  But even if you make a choice that isn’t THE BEST, don’t sweat it, it is only a game.

Common Grace is even for Christians

Teen boy stands on a rock among turbulent ocean seas and fast flowing water at sunrise.  Worship, praise, zest, adenture, solitude, finding peace among lifes turbulent times.  Overcoming adversity.  Motion in water

Open up and tap into His limitless power.

Common grace…the goodness of God raining on the just and the unjust.  Is common grace common?  Do we as Christians open ourselves up to common grace or do we twist our faith into an elitist manner that separates us right out of receiving?  Are we so caught up our religion and rules that we disqualify God because he didn’t follow our expectations when trying to engage us in an encounter?
I am currently reading You are a Bad— by Jen Sincero.  She talks about the G-word.  She calls my God the Universe, the Higher Power, and various other names that are palatable to those who haven’t been raised in church.  I was wondering why God has opened access for everyone to participate in his power.  (Whoops elitism just popped up.)  But I love that He keeps the door always open and he sends out messages and gifts to woo people to him.  Kind of like a beautiful red hummingbird feeder on display for the hummingbirds to come and drink.
It is very cool that the Creator of the world has built into the natural world various ways to know that He is God and that you can tap into His limitless power.
Jen speaks about how we emit frequencies and the way to attract things that we want is to emit at a higher frequency.  Yes this is discussed in new age circles, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t truth in it.  Check these concepts out…Life and death is in the tongue.  Have you ever read the story about Jacob and the spotted sheep.  (Genesis 30)
So here’s the deal, to emit these higher frequencies we have to get connected to “The Source”, God.  When we tap into God and have an intimate connection with Him we get recharged, reminded, and renewed to just how great He is and who we are in Him.  That is where the power is.
The baffling thing to me is that I am reading this and I know that non-Christ followers are tapping into God’s power and love, yet His own kids are not.  We are caught up with a million other distractions.
Another book I am reading is East of Eden.  In the book, Charles inherits a ton of money from his dad, yet still farms, still lives in his dumpy house, and is still miserable.  Christians have access to the unlimited power of God, but they don’t tap into it.  Hmm, do we need to change our frequency?  Get better connected?  Why are we acting like the step-children when we have access too.  We just aren’t exercising our ability.

“Come Away with Me”

Two wooden adirondack chairs on a boat dock on a beautiful lake in the evening

You might have been wondering, “Where are Julie’s blog posts?”  Let’s just say I mentally have been at the lake.  Sitting on the dock saying…”ahh”.

See I have been living out my dream job for the past 17 months and loving it.  Although, while I ramp up it take a lot of mental energy and a few nights of study.  Therefore as I had given all I had and lived each day to the fullest.  My brain demanded stillness each weekend.

Despite the desire for stillness,  I only let my body be still and I mentally munched on a cool tool called Netflix.  I don’t know if you have cable TV or Netflix or some other method to have mind numbing entertainment, but Netflix has been my go to place.

Last weekend I signed up for a women’s retreat and it was exactly that, a retreat.  It doesn’t even matter the theme of the event.  It doesn’t matter the activities.  It was simply a retreat.  And it was a retreat that I heard the Lord sing to me Nora Jones “Come Away with Me” song.

If you have been out there driving after your destiny, remember that there are times when you need to listen to the invitation to “Come Away with Me.”  Turn off the noise and just be still physically and mentally.

Who is your Circle of 5?

tea table

Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Lesson:  Pick your friends well.

Reality in life:  Time is short.  Skip the drama and hang with friends that reciprocate, care, support, and can add some spice to your life.

When I consider the wealth of friends that I have made along the way in life I relish the memories and experiences.  Have you noticed that your friends reflect back to your life different aspects of yourself, similarities, preferences, and interests?  Revisiting old friends takes you back to the stations you’ve been in life.  Gratitude comes forth because you know you made it through that “one time”.  Or you are glad you are still not living in that experience and you grew beyond it.

Since your friends are a type of feedback into your life, consider your level of happiness and joy.  If you are fulfilled and joyful and peaceful you are probably with the right group.  However, if you don’t have that, it may be time to change up your friends.

Who are the 5 people you hang around with the most?



Here we go!

Here we go!

A reoccurring item on my vision board that is starting to haunt me is to write a book. A wise woman said to start off with a blog. So here we go!

The theme, Driving Destiny, is about people getting to the place where they are living out what they were handcrafted by God to be. I know I was not created to be a librarian. (My friends reading this now are laughing.) But I was created to influence, cheer, and encourage. My current career is a sales coach with Southwestern Consulting. My journey to this position came with times of doubt, uncertainty, and hustle where I was to get fully equipped for the job I am in now.

I invite you to come along for the journey. To get fueled and get direction for your travels. There will be flat tires along the way. There may even be icy roads and wrecked cars. But don’t let that deter you. Only let it strengthen you.

Tell me where you are on your journey.