Julie Gardner

Julie grew up in a household with 2 older brothers, having to defend herself daily from from either being chased with lizards or boogers.  She did not grow up a delicate flower totally pampered despite what her brothers may say.

Life was always an adventure tied around church.  Her mother was “The Original Church Lady”.  Being a Christian has been the backdrop of her entire life.  As a pre-teen she helped in summers telling Bible stories with toilet paper tube plastered with all kinds of remnants from JoAnn Fabrics.  Julie traveled overseas from age 15-24.  She always wanted to make a difference in others lives.

She tried her hand at Special Education but quickly learned that wasn’t a fit.  She went to school to become a mental health counselor, but the professors didn’t think her constant smile on her face was a fit with depressed people.  Julie finally found her place when she left her hometown of Orlando, Florida to take a job in sales in Birmingham, AL.

Julie has been in sales for 20 years in the direct sales market and the business to business market.  She attributes her success to her diligence and bulldog-like tenacity.


Today Julie works as a sales coach with Southwestern Consulting helping people remove distractions and find clarity in their lives so that they can unlock their potential.

Julie also attends King’s Way Church.  Julie and her husband, Chuck chose this church for the support and friendship of their pastor, Jason Hooper.  It is never a dull moment there and it is definitely a place for improvisation.  They are shepherded to live their life all week long to build up the Kingdom of God.