Teen boy stands on a rock among turbulent ocean seas and fast flowing water at sunrise.  Worship, praise, zest, adenture, solitude, finding peace among lifes turbulent times.  Overcoming adversity.  Motion in water

Open up and tap into His limitless power.

Common grace…the goodness of God raining on the just and the unjust.  Is common grace common?  Do we as Christians open ourselves up to common grace or do we twist our faith into an elitist manner that separates us right out of receiving?  Are we so caught up our religion and rules that we disqualify God because he didn’t follow our expectations when trying to engage us in an encounter?
I am currently reading You are a Bad— by Jen Sincero.  She talks about the G-word.  She calls my God the Universe, the Higher Power, and various other names that are palatable to those who haven’t been raised in church.  I was wondering why God has opened access for everyone to participate in his power.  (Whoops elitism just popped up.)  But I love that He keeps the door always open and he sends out messages and gifts to woo people to him.  Kind of like a beautiful red hummingbird feeder on display for the hummingbirds to come and drink.
It is very cool that the Creator of the world has built into the natural world various ways to know that He is God and that you can tap into His limitless power.
Jen speaks about how we emit frequencies and the way to attract things that we want is to emit at a higher frequency.  Yes this is discussed in new age circles, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t truth in it.  Check these concepts out…Life and death is in the tongue.  Have you ever read the story about Jacob and the spotted sheep.  (Genesis 30)
So here’s the deal, to emit these higher frequencies we have to get connected to “The Source”, God.  When we tap into God and have an intimate connection with Him we get recharged, reminded, and renewed to just how great He is and who we are in Him.  That is where the power is.
The baffling thing to me is that I am reading this and I know that non-Christ followers are tapping into God’s power and love, yet His own kids are not.  We are caught up with a million other distractions.
Another book I am reading is East of Eden.  In the book, Charles inherits a ton of money from his dad, yet still farms, still lives in his dumpy house, and is still miserable.  Christians have access to the unlimited power of God, but they don’t tap into it.  Hmm, do we need to change our frequency?  Get better connected?  Why are we acting like the step-children when we have access too.  We just aren’t exercising our ability.